NetVibes is a customizable home page. It puts your RSS feeds, calendar, to-do list, Delicious bookmarks, and other useful tools into a slick web interface.

NetVibes handles RSS feeds really well. I exported all my subscriptions from Vienna as an OPML file and imported. Then I arranged the little feed reader boxes around my NetVibes desktop, added a calendar and pointed it to a shared departmental webcal, set the weather update to NYC, and set the Gmail reader to my account.

Since I moved my web bookmarks to Delicious, I’ve been able to get to the stuff I need from other people’s PCs, but my workflow was always a little awkward. With NetVibes I can get to my personalized desktop from anywhere. The only thing I need a separate app for is a really good mail client, for which I’m still using Apple’s Mail.

Highly recommended!

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